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that will certainly be a good story

& 竹中.

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Few thoughts + FAQs about SAOII Episode 08


A good episode overall with some nice anime original scenes. BoB tournament finally started so we’ll get more actions from now on.

Here are a few things to note from this episode’s adaptation:

  • Kirito trying to get Sinon’s attention at the beginning of the episode is anime original. (Sinon-san, Sinon-neesan… omfg lmao)
  • Kirito doing his cute idol pose in front of all the guys is also anime original. (Sure loved it and how some of them call him Kirito-chan…pfttt…they don’t know he’s a guy…pfftttt…!!!)
  • In the LN when Kirito brought up the list of BoB participants, Sinon thought that Kirito was trying to show off how he was ranked higher than her for Group F. Of course this was omitted in the anime.
  • The scene where Kirito approached Sinon from the back was slightly different in the anime. The anime had Kirito jump on Sinon to avoid being shot. In the light novel, Kirito kept his distance and had his own handgun pointed at Sinon while he asked her to not shoot him.
  • The anime cut short Kirito and Sinon’s conversation about how he was able to approach her without showing up on the satellite scan. After hearing that Kirito removed all his equipment to swim underwater, Sinon said that the people watching the tournament live would be happy to see him in his underwear. Kirito retorted that the telecast only display the battle scene in a don’t-try-to-fool-me tone.

The flying camera during the BoB tournament only film the battle scenes. So it wasn’t able to catch Kirito removing all his equipment to swim underwater. You must have noticed by now that anyone can watch the live tournament in GGO. Actually, the tournament live can be watched anywhere including in another game (coughALOcough). Another thing is that Pale Rider’s acrobatic skills were really high. He was also wearing light clothing which gave him advantage to move nimbly. This episode was able to cover most of chapter 10 in volume 6. However, they were not able to fit the entire chapter in (since it’s a pretty long chapter). The cliffhanger this episode was well placed. lol

That’s pretty much it. I look forward to next episode! Feel free to ask me any questions you have for this episode. I’ll try my best to answer as much as I can.